Let’s get honest beauties! You want to look drop-dead gorgeous no matter where you are heading to escape the scorching sun and heat this vacation. To achieve the on the sleek look on this season’s best-escaped destination, you need all the makeup and skincare products on hand. With these products, you can definitely look impeccable in all your travel selfies!

Here are some ideas to travel in style. Grab your favorite jazzed up pouches and keep your skin care in one and makeup in another. This will ensure that you are not messing up around when you have less time to get ready.

Let’s check out some must-haves when you are on the go.

13 Travel Essentials To Keep You Beautiful Throughout The Summers


We tend to leave skincare products, believing that they will only occupy space and are of no use. But girls, skincare products are as essential as makeup products because amidst the enjoyment your skin should not be neglected but should be taken care of.

Water resistant sunscreen body lotion: Don’t you want a sunscreen which will not come down flowing with sweat and without leaving a white cast on your skin? Or when you are chilling in the swimming pool under the harsh sunlight? A water-resistant sunscreen can save you from UV rays in both situations. Be it hills or beach a sunscreen is a must have to protect well from sun damage.

BB cream with SPF:  Travel light as this BB cream will cut down on multiple products. This baby will save you from getting damaged from the harsh UV rays as it contains SPF. This all in one formula will cover pigmentation on your face without caking up. It will also add perfect glow to your face.

Face wash: An anti-bacterial face wash will save you from all the breakouts that can pop out and screw your look. It will deep cleanse your face by removing all the dirt and grime.

Cleansing wipes: After all the fun, you will get so tired during the night that you won’t feel like continuing with your CTM routine. A good pack of cleansing wipes will ensure that you have makeup free and blemish free skin. It will also help in unclogging of pores so that your face looks clean and radiant the next day.

Dry shampoo: On a bad hair day on vacations washing your hair can take a lot of time. You can save yourself a bad hair day by keeping dry shampoo handy. It cleanses the scalp and absorbs all the excess oil.  It also adds texture to hair and gives it a much-needed volume.

Lip balm with SPF: Your lips are exposed to harsh sunlight which tends to leave your lips dry and pigmented. Moisturize your kisser with the lip balm to make them soft supple and pigmentation free.

Hair serum: Does your hair look dull and dry after all the adventure? There is a dire need of applying serum to your hair to prevent any damage further. Applying hair serum to the lengths of your hair can give your tresses a neat, lustrous and more manageable look.

Wide-toothed comb:  A wide-toothed comb is a versatile tool which helps you get away with all the knots in your hair and evenly spreads hair serum throughout the length of your tresses.

Nail paint wipes no need to carry your nail paint remover bottle and cotton from now on because nail paint wipes are much easier to use and are very handy. These wipes are round in shape and come in a small plastic tub. These wipes won’t occupy much of space in your pouch.


We generally take along a lot of makeup products and make our bags heavy unnecessarily to overcome this problem use multitasking makeup palettes.

Blush, highlighter, concealer palette: This palette is surely a multitasker. Highlight your cheekbones and the highest points of your face by using this palette which comes in very handy.

Lipstick palette: Aren’t their days when you want your kisser to be flattering? There is no need to cut down on your choices for different bold and poppy hues. Use a lipstick palette which comes with a variety of color options and can jazz up your look anytime.

Waterproof mascara and eyeliner: Don’t you want a perfect eye makeup that won’t smudge and is waterproof? Carry a waterproof mascara and eyeliner to save yourself from getting raccoon eyes.

Pressed powder: Don’t you want a fresh and clean look? To achieve it apply pressed powder as your BB cream and concealer are moist and have no holding power. Therefore, pressed powder sets both in place and also reduces the extra shine on the face. 

Some quick tips before you take off:

  • Always carry double duty products as their versatility will make sure you have more space left in your totes to stock in other necessary products.
  • Make sure you carry some extra hair ties.
  • Keep miniatures of your favorite product as they are travel-friendly.
  • The organization is the key girls; it will ensure that the whole process of getting ready is a hassle-free task.

Stay beautiful.


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