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Different people have different hair textures. But very few among them are satisfied with their natural textures. Oily hair is one of the common hair problems many people suffer from, and they actually think that is the curse and do not know what to do and what not! Let us find out what causes oily hair and the tips that can be followed to manage oily hair:

What is the main cause of Oily Hair?

As we all know sebum glands work as a lubricant for our hair scalp. They protect the scalp from getting dry and flyaway tresses. The excessive production of sebum glands causes oily hair, which can disturb your overall appearance and can ruin your mood all of a sudden. There are other causes such as hormonal imbalance, residue remained from the shampoo if not washed properly, or heredity can also be one of the reasons. The above-mentioned reasons can create extra oil in the scalp causing hair to become greasy and oily. Let us go through some of the tips and ideas which can be utilized in order to manage oily hair, those are:

1. Be aware while conditioning hair:
When using a conditioner, start applying it at the tip of the hair or at the end where hair is drier, No matter what type of conditioner you are using, it can cause your hair look greasy and oily. You can even use hair conditioner or little amount of olive oil before drying if their hair tangles rapidly. Using these will manage your hair evenly on the head. Many women do not only use conditioner or you can even use gentle shampoo for that matter if you do not wish to buy conditioners or detangling products at all.

2. Removal of buildup on a monthly basis:
There are various clarifying shampoos are available in the market which consists of sodium lauryl which helps in removing excessive oil buildup and hair care products from the scalp and hair. You can use clarifying shampoo once in a month in order to clean oil from the scalp and your hair. There are some people who mix their shampoos with baking soda every 2-3 weeks. But make sure that you do not use it if you have dandruff or if you have a very oily scalp.

3. Try to take shower at least once in a day:
It is recommended that you must take a shower in the morning to avoid production of oil in the scalp. You can apply shampoo, let it sit for some minutes and then wash it thoroughly. Many of the hair experts suggest having a hair wash every 3-4 days in order to keep the oil production in the limit.

4. Try to use dry shampoos:
There are various dry shampoos available in the market which can be used by women who do not have time to manage their oily hair nicely. Dry shampoos are shampoos in the form of powder or spray. These shampoos help in absorbing excess oil from the scalp and your hair smell clean and fresh without using water.

5. Twist your hair and sleep:
You can try sleeping with your hair with loose twists. You can easily avoid oily looking hair by doing it. Then tousle them and use some dry shampoo to make them look nicer.

These tips can be utilized effectively to manage your oily hair and production of excessive oil in the scalp and hair as well.

There are people from a different category: some people try nothing on their hair as they are afraid of hair damage which can cause due to the usage of styling products. On the other hand, there are people who wish to try everything on their hair, though it is various shampoos or different styling products of different brands. But using these products may cause your hair to look damaged and to have silky hair will remain just a dream. Below-mentioned are some of the tricks which can be used to make your hair silky:

  1. Be aware while shampooing:

    People usually gather all the hair on top of their head in order to shampoo the entire head with ends which normally lacks moisture, especially when you have curly hair. This method of washing hair with the tips is not at all recommended, as it produces tangles and tip of the hair becomes drier causing unmanaged hair. People with straight hair need to shampoo more often as oil from the root goes directly to the ends of the hair. Whereas people with curly hair do not need to shampoo that often as the oil from the roots go through curly hair and it takes time to reach to the ends. So people with curly hair do not require to shampoo often.

  2. You can use a t-shirt rather than using a towel:

    It is usually done by everyone that, after washing, using a towel to dry your hair back and forth, but doing this can cause tangles, unmanaged hair. For the smoother hair, of course, no friction is the main solution. For that rather than using a towel which can cause friction, it is recommended to use a soft cotton fabric t-shirt. And instead of rubbing hair you can wrap the t-shirt and squeeze along with the hair to remove all the water.

  3. Brush your hair when they are fully dried, and comb when they are wet:

    It is recommended by many of the hair experts that brushing your hair when they are wet can cause damage to your hair, and they will not look the best as expected by you. So, you can comb your hair when they are wet and you can use a brush when they are fully dried. When you are removing tangles, it is recommended start combing from the ends rather than starting from the roots.

  4. Try to use silk fabric pillow covers:

    Using cotton pillow covers can be the reason for your dry hair, as they absorb all the moisture from the hair making them frizzy and weighed down. Instead of that, you can use silk or satin pillow covers which helps in maintaining proper moisture in your hair to keep them silky.

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Using a shampoo in a proper way and combing and brushing your hair by using a proper method will surely help your hair to become silky and smooth. Try these tips and they will show the result soon.

Greasy hair is a common problem, and most of the women suffer from it. Of course, if there is a question, there is a solution always, and you can also avoid hair from becoming greasy using the tips which we will be discussing below. There can be several reasons for hair to become greasy or oily, so there are various solutions to prevent them as well. Let us find what they are:

  1. Use Dry shampoo:

    Using dry shampoo will prevent your hair from looking greasy and oily. Just apply dry shampoo on your hair, let it be there for some time and then style your hair as you always do. If you think your hair is looking more voluminous then you can use your hand to manage the dry hair by ribbing on the head, and then style just like you do always. This helps in hiding greasy hair.

  2. You can use a baby powder:

    Using a baby powder I another hack works for greasy hair. Make sure that you are not using excessive baby powder, use tissue paper and keep that tissue on your roots, after that spread the powder evenly on your head with the help of your fingers. Baby powder will help to absorb all the excess moisture from your hair and your hair will not look greasier.

  3. Using the proper products for the hair:

    Try to use a minimum amount if styling products, as they can make your hair look oily and greasy fast. To prevent greasy hair, it is recommended to use a shampoo with natural ingredients by many of the hair experts. If you are using a natural shampoo, you can maximize the number of days between your hair wash. So, if you are using a shampoo full of natural ingredients, then it is ok to have hair wash less often.

  4. Do not wash it on regular basis:

    It is highly recommended that you should not wash your hair daily. Because a scalp maintains its sebum production level according to the number of times you wash your hair. So if you wash your hair more often, the more sebum your scalp will produce making them look oiler. Instead of doing it, try to wash hair keeping some difference of days. Try to avoid daily wash in order to make your hair look less greasy.

  5. Try using a shower cap:

    Using a shower cap helps in keeping your hair dry when you are not going to wash them. Once they absorb moisture they are sure to look oily. So that use shower cap to keep your hairstyle undamaged and to prevent your hair from getting moisture.

  6. Do not keep on using hands:

    Try not to touch your hair more often, as this will increase the amount of oil production in your hair and as a result, your hair will look oily and greasy. If you won’t use hands, your hair will not look oily and greasy at all.

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Try these simple hacks to avoid greasy hair, and make your appearance, the best!

Can you see harsh makeup lines on your face? Does your face look patchy or blotchy to you? If you’re facing any of these issues then beauty blenders might just be the perfect solution for you.

What are Beauty Blenders?

They are soft and squishy. These are ideal for any skin type and not harsh on the sensitive skin. They are made of safe and non-allergic material. They are portable and therefore travel-friendly.

The stifling method or bouncing it gently against the skin blends the makeup fast for a natural finish. Doing makeup with these mini and adorable blenders is a lot easier. It makes life easy.

Beauty Blenders

Directions for Use:

Before using it, dampen the beauty blender under running water and squeeze out the excess. Repeat the step 2-3 times until it dampens well. Make sure that it is not dripping water. The size of the beauty blender will expand to almost double its size after absorbing water.

After applying liquid foundation gently dab onto your face until the desired coverage and voila you are good to go. The foundation goes well into the skin and doesn’t look cakey at all. It absorbs the excess product and gives an airbrushed finish.

All the liquid makeup products can be done effortlessly by the dampened beauty blender. When are dry, can be used for creamy products.

4 Types of Beauty Blenders and Why it Matters

These sponge applicators are available in various sizes and shapes to achieve the desired result.

Dumbbell shape: it is slightly slanted on the upper side and round at the end. By using the stippling effect one can reach a flawless look. The flat head is best for blending the product on large areas such as cheeks and forehead.

Olive shape: it has tips at both the ends. The purpose of these tips is to blend the makeup on the places that are hard to reach otherwise. The inner corner of the eyes and the sides of the nose can be done precisely with these dual tips.

Raindrop shape: it is the most commonly used type of beauty blender. As its name suggests, it has a tip on the upper side and round at the end. Round side can be used for pressed powders, and the tip can be used to highlight and contour seamlessly.

Gourd shape: its tip can be used to highlight and contour and the rounded end for covering the large areas.
Sculptor shape: its shape enables it to work smoothly on the curves of the face. So that it looks sculpted and chiseled.

It is important to clean beauty blenders to maintain hygiene. Otherwise, it can result in breakouts on the face.

Use a makeup remover or a gentle shampoo to clean them.

Rinse properly and dry.

Store it in a cool and dry place to maintain its longevity.

A good quality beauty blender lasts for few months if cared properly.

Hey, beauties! Ever thought that jar of Vaseline lying uselessly in your vanity can work wonders? Yes, you read it right. Vaseline is the most easily available multipurpose cream.

It is very efficient and affordable at the same time. You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to buy those fancy products, as this versatile product can substitute in and make your life a lot easier.

Let’s check out some easy to do beauty hacks with our very own Vaseline.

Beauty Hacks

Vaseline Makes Your perfume last longer

Do you want the fragrance of your perfume to last longer? Apply a generous amount of Vaseline on your pulse points. Spray perfume in the same place. Perfume adheres to the petroleum jelly and therefore maintains its longevity.

It’s great for cuticles

Have you been suffering from those painfully dry and cracked cuticles, lately? Vaseline can help you get rid of them easily. Make your pedicure experience heavenly by gently massaging them with this alternate and affordable cuticle cream.

Create a body illuminator

No one wants a pale looking skin. If you are one of those whose skin has lost luster, then use this jelly as a body illuminator to give a natural glow to the skin and therefore can be applied as a body illuminator. Also, mix it with some bronzer and get a supermodel-like gorgeous finish on your skin.

Can be used in place of mascara

Do you want to keep your eye makeup simple today but you still want your eyelashes to be defined? If that is the case, using this wonder jelly is a great option as it will do the job miraculously. It does not just work as an alternative to mascara but also conditions eyelashes.

Vaseline can help to tame wild eyebrows

Are your eyebrows unruly and curly? Is that hair peeping out from your eyebrow irking you? No worries just use a spare spoolie brush and apply a small amount of Vaseline to your eyebrows. It will keep your brows in place and give it a tidy look.

It sets unruly fly-aways

Frizzy hair is girl’s worst enemy. Your tresses can make or break your complete look. You can save yourself a bad hair day by rubbing a small amount of Vaseline on your palm and applying it with a very light hand to smooth out the strands. Moreover, you can smooth out split ends by using Vaseline so that they look neat and more manageable.

It soothes cracked heels

Unable to wear your favorite footwear because of cracked heels? Rub a generous amount of Vaseline before going to sleep and wear your socks to seal in the moisture. You will wake up with smooth and soft feet the next morning.

Use it as a lip balm

Are you suffering from dry and chapped lips? You definitely need to moisturize them as dry and cracked lips are not at all flattering. Apply Vaseline to get the smooth, supple and moisturized pout.

It also acts as a lip primer

Does your matte lipstick is not allowing you to smile your heart out? This is because matte lipsticks tend to dry your lips. You need to use this wonder jelly before applying your favorite matte lipstick. It will prevent your lips from drying so long.

Use it as a highlighter and blush

When you are heading out, don’t you want that flattering glow on your face? Get that gorgeous glow by applying Vaseline on the highest points of your face, cheekbones, cupid’s bow, bridge of the nose, the arch of eyebrows. You can also mix it with your favorite pink lipstick and use it as a blush.

Vaseline is a good moisturizer

The dry face is a complete no-no when you want to conquer the world with your dewy and healthy looking face. Vaseline doesn’t clog pores and therefore can be applied as a moisturizer on the face and also on the other drying parts of your body such as elbows and knees.

Create a DIY scrub with it

Who doesn’t want the luxury of a good scrub which makes your skin supple and soft? Mix sea salt with Vaseline and voila you have your own body scrub. Use this DIY scrub to keep flaky skin at bay.

Get a shiny eye shadow effect

Glossy or glittery effect on eyes is a girl’s best friend for a night party. If you want it for yourself, just use Vaseline under your matte eyeshadow and get the glossy effect. Vaseline will also act as an eye primer and therefore its application will make sure that the eyeshadow lasts longer.

Let’s get honest beauties! You want to look drop-dead gorgeous no matter where you are heading to escape the scorching sun and heat this vacation. To achieve the on the sleek look on this season’s best-escaped destination, you need all the makeup and skincare products on hand. With these products, you can definitely look impeccable in all your travel selfies!

Here are some ideas to travel in style. Grab your favorite jazzed up pouches and keep your skin care in one and makeup in another. This will ensure that you are not messing up around when you have less time to get ready.

Let’s check out some must-haves when you are on the go.

13 Travel Essentials To Keep You Beautiful Throughout The Summers


We tend to leave skincare products, believing that they will only occupy space and are of no use. But girls, skincare products are as essential as makeup products because amidst the enjoyment your skin should not be neglected but should be taken care of.

Water resistant sunscreen body lotion: Don’t you want a sunscreen which will not come down flowing with sweat and without leaving a white cast on your skin? Or when you are chilling in the swimming pool under the harsh sunlight? A water-resistant sunscreen can save you from UV rays in both situations. Be it hills or beach a sunscreen is a must have to protect well from sun damage.

BB cream with SPF:  Travel light as this BB cream will cut down on multiple products. This baby will save you from getting damaged from the harsh UV rays as it contains SPF. This all in one formula will cover pigmentation on your face without caking up. It will also add perfect glow to your face.

Face wash: An anti-bacterial face wash will save you from all the breakouts that can pop out and screw your look. It will deep cleanse your face by removing all the dirt and grime.

Cleansing wipes: After all the fun, you will get so tired during the night that you won’t feel like continuing with your CTM routine. A good pack of cleansing wipes will ensure that you have makeup free and blemish free skin. It will also help in unclogging of pores so that your face looks clean and radiant the next day.

Dry shampoo: On a bad hair day on vacations washing your hair can take a lot of time. You can save yourself a bad hair day by keeping dry shampoo handy. It cleanses the scalp and absorbs all the excess oil.  It also adds texture to hair and gives it a much-needed volume.

Lip balm with SPF: Your lips are exposed to harsh sunlight which tends to leave your lips dry and pigmented. Moisturize your kisser with the lip balm to make them soft supple and pigmentation free.

Hair serum: Does your hair look dull and dry after all the adventure? There is a dire need of applying serum to your hair to prevent any damage further. Applying hair serum to the lengths of your hair can give your tresses a neat, lustrous and more manageable look.

Wide-toothed comb:  A wide-toothed comb is a versatile tool which helps you get away with all the knots in your hair and evenly spreads hair serum throughout the length of your tresses.

Nail paint wipes no need to carry your nail paint remover bottle and cotton from now on because nail paint wipes are much easier to use and are very handy. These wipes are round in shape and come in a small plastic tub. These wipes won’t occupy much of space in your pouch.


We generally take along a lot of makeup products and make our bags heavy unnecessarily to overcome this problem use multitasking makeup palettes.

Blush, highlighter, concealer palette: This palette is surely a multitasker. Highlight your cheekbones and the highest points of your face by using this palette which comes in very handy.

Lipstick palette: Aren’t their days when you want your kisser to be flattering? There is no need to cut down on your choices for different bold and poppy hues. Use a lipstick palette which comes with a variety of color options and can jazz up your look anytime.

Waterproof mascara and eyeliner: Don’t you want a perfect eye makeup that won’t smudge and is waterproof? Carry a waterproof mascara and eyeliner to save yourself from getting raccoon eyes.

Pressed powder: Don’t you want a fresh and clean look? To achieve it apply pressed powder as your BB cream and concealer are moist and have no holding power. Therefore, pressed powder sets both in place and also reduces the extra shine on the face. 

Some quick tips before you take off:

  • Always carry double duty products as their versatility will make sure you have more space left in your totes to stock in other necessary products.
  • Make sure you carry some extra hair ties.
  • Keep miniatures of your favorite product as they are travel-friendly.
  • The organization is the key girls; it will ensure that the whole process of getting ready is a hassle-free task.

Stay beautiful.