Can you see harsh makeup lines on your face? Does your face look patchy or blotchy to you? If you’re facing any of these issues then beauty blenders might just be the perfect solution for you.

What are Beauty Blenders?

They are soft and squishy. These are ideal for any skin type and not harsh on the sensitive skin. They are made of safe and non-allergic material. They are portable and therefore travel-friendly.

The stifling method or bouncing it gently against the skin blends the makeup fast for a natural finish. Doing makeup with these mini and adorable blenders is a lot easier. It makes life easy.

Beauty Blenders

Directions for Use:

Before using it, dampen the beauty blender under running water and squeeze out the excess. Repeat the step 2-3 times until it dampens well. Make sure that it is not dripping water. The size of the beauty blender will expand to almost double its size after absorbing water.

After applying liquid foundation gently dab onto your face until the desired coverage and voila you are good to go. The foundation goes well into the skin and doesn’t look cakey at all. It absorbs the excess product and gives an airbrushed finish.

All the liquid makeup products can be done effortlessly by the dampened beauty blender. When are dry, can be used for creamy products.

4 Types of Beauty Blenders and Why it Matters

These sponge applicators are available in various sizes and shapes to achieve the desired result.

Dumbbell shape: it is slightly slanted on the upper side and round at the end. By using the stippling effect one can reach a flawless look. The flat head is best for blending the product on large areas such as cheeks and forehead.

Olive shape: it has tips at both the ends. The purpose of these tips is to blend the makeup on the places that are hard to reach otherwise. The inner corner of the eyes and the sides of the nose can be done precisely with these dual tips.

Raindrop shape: it is the most commonly used type of beauty blender. As its name suggests, it has a tip on the upper side and round at the end. Round side can be used for pressed powders, and the tip can be used to highlight and contour seamlessly.

Gourd shape: its tip can be used to highlight and contour and the rounded end for covering the large areas.
Sculptor shape: its shape enables it to work smoothly on the curves of the face. So that it looks sculpted and chiseled.

It is important to clean beauty blenders to maintain hygiene. Otherwise, it can result in breakouts on the face.

Use a makeup remover or a gentle shampoo to clean them.

Rinse properly and dry.

Store it in a cool and dry place to maintain its longevity.

A good quality beauty blender lasts for few months if cared properly.


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