Female figure and body shape vary from person to person. Every woman is sculpted differently and is beautiful in her own way. It is important to embrace your shape and flaunt your best features by choosing the right kind of body wear.

A waist trainer is equitable and is designed to aid every body type. Since, your body shape is majorly determined by the contours around your waistline: upper, mid and lower half of your body, a waist trainer significantly helps in enhancing your figure, adding curves to your body.

How Waist Trainers Can Accentuate Your Body Type.

Figure out which body type you are and how waist trainers can be an asset for your figure:

Petite/Straight Shapes

A person with a petite body is slender and has bust and hips of approximately same width with little or no waist definition. This body type is also known as a Straight or Rectangular shape which is similar to an hourglass but without that killer waist. This type is most common and is naturally elegant.

With a right kind of shapewear, you can easily define that waistline of yours. Waist trainer cinchers and vests, and butt-enhancing shapers can add a smooth curve to your waist, adding volume to your bust and hips, respectively.

Pear/Triangle Shape

In this body shape, the hips are comparatively larger than your torso and your waist is well defined. Since this body type already has a well-accentuated waist, all you got to do is to enhance and add volume to your upper body while de-emphasizing your lower body.

Waist trainer with thigh-slimming shapers and open-bust shaping camisoles will be your best pick to balance out your figure.

Round/Apple Shape

Round or apple shaped women have great legs; however, they have broad shoulders, larger-than-average bust, and an undefined (fuller) stomach. If you are an apple-shaped, then your goal is to trim the extra flab around your midriff and define your waist.

Shaping camisoles and waist trainer cinchers and corsets are most suitable for you as they hold in or camouflage the abdominal fat and accentuate your waistline.

Inverted-Triangle Shape

In this type of body shape, women have wide shoulders and ample bosom. On the other hand, they have a narrow bottom and subtle waistline. The idea is to divert the attention from your torso and strike a balance. This can be achieved by adding volume to your hips and creating a more defined waist.

Butt Enhancers, Padded panties, and full body shapers can do wonders for you to get that perfect shape.

Hourglass Shape

This is the most fabulous and quintessential shape of all. A dream figure shape which is curvy with well-defined waist and fuller hips and bust. An hourglass shaped woman would only like to smooth down and maintain the curves that she has got naturally.

Corselet waist-cinchers and bodysuit shapers are the sexiest options for you that will add interest to your overall figure.


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