hair damage


There are people from a different category: some people try nothing on their hair as they are afraid of hair damage which can cause due to the usage of styling products. On the other hand, there are people who wish to try everything on their hair, though it is various shampoos or different styling products of different brands. But using these products may cause your hair to look damaged and to have silky hair will remain just a dream. Below-mentioned are some of the tricks which can be used to make your hair silky:

  1. Be aware while shampooing:

    People usually gather all the hair on top of their head in order to shampoo the entire head with ends which normally lacks moisture, especially when you have curly hair. This method of washing hair with the tips is not at all recommended, as it produces tangles and tip of the hair becomes drier causing unmanaged hair. People with straight hair need to shampoo more often as oil from the root goes directly to the ends of the hair. Whereas people with curly hair do not need to shampoo that often as the oil from the roots go through curly hair and it takes time to reach to the ends. So people with curly hair do not require to shampoo often.

  2. You can use a t-shirt rather than using a towel:

    It is usually done by everyone that, after washing, using a towel to dry your hair back and forth, but doing this can cause tangles, unmanaged hair. For the smoother hair, of course, no friction is the main solution. For that rather than using a towel which can cause friction, it is recommended to use a soft cotton fabric t-shirt. And instead of rubbing hair you can wrap the t-shirt and squeeze along with the hair to remove all the water.

  3. Brush your hair when they are fully dried, and comb when they are wet:

    It is recommended by many of the hair experts that brushing your hair when they are wet can cause damage to your hair, and they will not look the best as expected by you. So, you can comb your hair when they are wet and you can use a brush when they are fully dried. When you are removing tangles, it is recommended start combing from the ends rather than starting from the roots.

  4. Try to use silk fabric pillow covers:

    Using cotton pillow covers can be the reason for your dry hair, as they absorb all the moisture from the hair making them frizzy and weighed down. Instead of that, you can use silk or satin pillow covers which helps in maintaining proper moisture in your hair to keep them silky.

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Using a shampoo in a proper way and combing and brushing your hair by using a proper method will surely help your hair to become silky and smooth. Try these tips and they will show the result soon.