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Greasy hair is a common problem, and most of the women suffer from it. Of course, if there is a question, there is a solution always, and you can also avoid hair from becoming greasy using the tips which we will be discussing below. There can be several reasons for hair to become greasy or oily, so there are various solutions to prevent them as well. Let us find what they are:

  1. Use Dry shampoo:

    Using dry shampoo will prevent your hair from looking greasy and oily. Just apply dry shampoo on your hair, let it be there for some time and then style your hair as you always do. If you think your hair is looking more voluminous then you can use your hand to manage the dry hair by ribbing on the head, and then style just like you do always. This helps in hiding greasy hair.

  2. You can use a baby powder:

    Using a baby powder I another hack works for greasy hair. Make sure that you are not using excessive baby powder, use tissue paper and keep that tissue on your roots, after that spread the powder evenly on your head with the help of your fingers. Baby powder will help to absorb all the excess moisture from your hair and your hair will not look greasier.

  3. Using the proper products for the hair:

    Try to use a minimum amount if styling products, as they can make your hair look oily and greasy fast. To prevent greasy hair, it is recommended to use a shampoo with natural ingredients by many of the hair experts. If you are using a natural shampoo, you can maximize the number of days between your hair wash. So, if you are using a shampoo full of natural ingredients, then it is ok to have hair wash less often.

  4. Do not wash it on regular basis:

    It is highly recommended that you should not wash your hair daily. Because a scalp maintains its sebum production level according to the number of times you wash your hair. So if you wash your hair more often, the more sebum your scalp will produce making them look oiler. Instead of doing it, try to wash hair keeping some difference of days. Try to avoid daily wash in order to make your hair look less greasy.

  5. Try using a shower cap:

    Using a shower cap helps in keeping your hair dry when you are not going to wash them. Once they absorb moisture they are sure to look oily. So that use shower cap to keep your hairstyle undamaged and to prevent your hair from getting moisture.

  6. Do not keep on using hands:

    Try not to touch your hair more often, as this will increase the amount of oil production in your hair and as a result, your hair will look oily and greasy. If you won’t use hands, your hair will not look oily and greasy at all.

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Try these simple hacks to avoid greasy hair, and make your appearance, the best!