oily hair


Different people have different hair textures. But very few among them are satisfied with their natural textures. Oily hair is one of the common hair problems many people suffer from, and they actually think that is the curse and do not know what to do and what not! Let us find out what causes oily hair and the tips that can be followed to manage oily hair:

What is the main cause of Oily Hair?

As we all know sebum glands work as a lubricant for our hair scalp. They protect the scalp from getting dry and flyaway tresses. The excessive production of sebum glands causes oily hair, which can disturb your overall appearance and can ruin your mood all of a sudden. There are other causes such as hormonal imbalance, residue remained from the shampoo if not washed properly, or heredity can also be one of the reasons. The above-mentioned reasons can create extra oil in the scalp causing hair to become greasy and oily. Let us go through some of the tips and ideas which can be utilized in order to manage oily hair, those are:

1. Be aware while conditioning hair:
When using a conditioner, start applying it at the tip of the hair or at the end where hair is drier, No matter what type of conditioner you are using, it can cause your hair look greasy and oily. You can even use hair conditioner or little amount of olive oil before drying if their hair tangles rapidly. Using these will manage your hair evenly on the head. Many women do not only use conditioner or you can even use gentle shampoo for that matter if you do not wish to buy conditioners or detangling products at all.

2. Removal of buildup on a monthly basis:
There are various clarifying shampoos are available in the market which consists of sodium lauryl which helps in removing excessive oil buildup and hair care products from the scalp and hair. You can use clarifying shampoo once in a month in order to clean oil from the scalp and your hair. There are some people who mix their shampoos with baking soda every 2-3 weeks. But make sure that you do not use it if you have dandruff or if you have a very oily scalp.

3. Try to take shower at least once in a day:
It is recommended that you must take a shower in the morning to avoid production of oil in the scalp. You can apply shampoo, let it sit for some minutes and then wash it thoroughly. Many of the hair experts suggest having a hair wash every 3-4 days in order to keep the oil production in the limit.

4. Try to use dry shampoos:
There are various dry shampoos available in the market which can be used by women who do not have time to manage their oily hair nicely. Dry shampoos are shampoos in the form of powder or spray. These shampoos help in absorbing excess oil from the scalp and your hair smell clean and fresh without using water.

5. Twist your hair and sleep:
You can try sleeping with your hair with loose twists. You can easily avoid oily looking hair by doing it. Then tousle them and use some dry shampoo to make them look nicer.

These tips can be utilized effectively to manage your oily hair and production of excessive oil in the scalp and hair as well.