A body shaper which was originally limited to corsets now comes in numerous varieties and styles. You can choose from camisoles, girdles, slips, corsets to waist cinchers, thigh slimmers, shaping panties, control briefs, etc. and hence, when you enter into the realm of shape wears for your body you often get into the dilemma of choosing the right one for yourself. To help you with the buying decision, we’ve already reviewed the best body shapers out there.

You can easily pick a shape-wear that would be ideal for your body, keeping into consideration the following points:

What areas would you like to work on?

A shaper can emphasize and similarly, on the contrary, de-emphasize different parts of your body. Therefore, when choosing shapewear for yourself you must know the areas of work in your body whether you would like to provide a lift to your bust, bring your butt in a more refined shape, smooth and tone your thighs, or squeeze in your stomach for that iconic curvy body. Figuring this out would help in giving direction to your search and save your time.

What size are you?

Before shopping for a body-shaper, one must know her body’s measurements. This would help her in choosing the right size.  Ill-fitted shapewear might give you a painful experience and a bizarre figure. Take help of manufacturer’s sizing guide and pick your body shapers accordingly.

What level of control do you want?

This is also an important thing to keep in view. The level of compression and control you would want in a particular area depends on the intensity that is required for the body (or targeted areas) to highlight the curves. There are light, moderate and firm control shape-wears that will give your body distinct support and shape respectively.  But remember, more the control, lesser would be the comfort.

What shape would complement the style of your dress?

Sometimes, wearing a type of body shaper depends on the style of your dress. You would not like to wear a full body control tank with a tube dress or likewise, a rigid gym corset under a thin dress or for your everyday routine. You must know which would be the suitable shaper for your dress and hours of wearing.  You can go for waist cinchers and corsets under a tube dress, a thigh shaper or bodysuit if you are wearing pants, a waist trainer cincher for your workout regimen, a body-colored shaper for thin fabric dresses and so on.

By identifying your size, body type, and targeted areas you can choose the right body-shapers for yourself. Choosing the right level of control and wearing your shape-wears properly will give comfort for long hours and will also boost your confidence to show off your flawless curves.


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